I had an awesome session with an old friend of mine… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!! :)

  1. 02 / 06 / 09 5:26 am

    WOW amazing!! oh and the guy’s not too shabby either ;-)

    Mariana Maya Photography:
  2. 02 / 06 / 09 12:40 pm

    Ummm, wow. I really, really love the last one though, the crop and perspective are great and his eyes are so sharp…wow! The one with him playing the guitar rocks too…Great job Shyann!!

  3. 02 / 06 / 09 4:01 pm

    I adore the guitar picture that one just rocks. This last one is verrry nice as well. Very Gorgeous…and not just him the pics too!

  4. 02 / 10 / 09 3:46 am

    Dude should be a model. Awesome shots.

    Bill M:
  5. 02 / 10 / 09 11:47 am

    Love this session! I wish I could find a good looking guy to hoot (too bad all my friends are geeks…)

    Rebecca Pettigrew:
  6. 02 / 28 / 09 12:30 am

    Well… *hello* Rick. ;)

    Lana Cease:
  7. 03 / 11 / 09 4:11 am

    Shy – Thanks for the comment on my blog! This series of photographs of your friend are amazing…

  8. 04 / 27 / 10 11:40 am

    Good tattoo, I want it too…=)

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