Katie and I walked around New Braunfels with rain looming! We thought for sure it was going to pour at any moment. I never knew that New Braunfels had such pretty purple sunsets!!  Katie was the first bride I had the basically did a Rock the Dress BEFORE the wedding! That’s right. We both went swimming in the river! With lighting and SNAKES!!!  (Right before I got in the water I saw a snake swimming away under a rock. I got in hoping and praying he wouldn’t find his way back out.) Neither one of us saw him again WHEW!!

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July 21, 2009
Wow... the colors in those last sunset shots are amazing.
July 25, 2009
Great Shoot...My favorite is the bride on train tracks...loved that...its so Texas! Not your typical boring bridal pics. Keep up the good work.
July 26, 2009
thats my big sister! isnt she gorgeous?!?!?
July 27, 2009
WOW! that's my beautiful niece who has always been a serious intense little soul, yet playful and fun-loving! These pictures capture her gloriously! I love the one on the railroad, holding her dress up like a fairy child and I love the ones at the end of the sequence by the bridge with the sunset.
December 4, 2010
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