Ashley and Aron’s Detailed Wedding at Park 31

June 5, 2019

You had me at details

It’s official! I am beyond obsessed with the boho-earthy details of Ashley and Aron’s gorgeous ceremony! We traveled to Spring Branch, Texas and got a first look at the new Park 31 Venue! And let me tell you, Park 31 has definitely made my top 10 must see venues. Between the numerous outdoor settings and the reception area this venue guarantees a jaw dropping reaction out of any future bride. Not to mention the style of this venue was more than perfect for the style of wedding these love birds were aiming for. Try not to scream when I mention that most of these detail’s were HAND MADE. That’s right. Hand made by family and friends of the bride and groom! And yes, that includes all florals as well!!

Where you go I will go

I died and went to a photographers paradise. I could not believe my eyes when I walked into Park 31. Not only was this an insanely beautiful venue, but the outstanding attention to detail knocked me off my feet! Every room, corner, and wall was accented with unique handmaid details. What really caught my eye were those name places! I can’t imagine assembling those were a walk in the park, but you can feel the love and support from all family and friends involved.

Having a second photographer is crucial when it comes to an amazing ceremony like this one. Believe me, I’m one of the types that want to conquer the world my own but sometimes a hand is always in need! I swear I keep adding about 5 photos every time I run through this post. IT’S JUST NOT ENOUGH! I strongly urge you to head to their gallery and take a look for yourself!

I’ll be there for you…

Not only were there a million amazing details to capture, but of course I wanted to capture every emotion I could possibly get. Ashley and Aron are a beautiful couple. There’s no doubting that! But, the connection they had not only with each other but with their friends STRONGLY showed throughout this entire journey. Picking the F R I E N D S theme song to walk out to all together was more than fitting for this gorgeous, loving, goofy group.