Ashley and Joey | Engagements

March 28, 2010


Ashley and Joey are friends of mine that I absolutely adore. You can see how much they love one another when they look at each other. Made my job so easy ;) … Both of them being ridiculously good looking helped too! We started the session by going to grab a bite to eat at the San Marcos River Pub. When we were eating we noticed a bike trail across the street and decided to start the session there. Big amazing trees and a few Texas Rose buds sprinkled the trail, talk about the perfect backdrop!!

After we were done at the bike trail we left to take the rest of the image at Kali Kate Event Pavilion. Kali Kate is such an amazing venue. Its so pretty and open, with horses and even a basketball court!! The staff is awesome as well. They gave us a tour of the place when we got there which was great because they showed us some spots I might not have seen!

There is a ton of images! It might take a minute to load but its worth it!  It was just such a fun session I couldn’t narrow it down.

The goat jumped up on the fence while I was taking a photo and scared me, so Joey reprimanded it! The goat looks sorry though.