Saima and Imran’s Wedding {Part 1}

May 28, 2009


This past weekend was spent in Dallas with Lynette J and Ben Godkin second shooting a beautiful Pakistani wedding for Lynette. It was one of the most unique and colorful weddings I have ever been too, I learned so much about their culture and some of the traditions that go into the 5 day affair! Talk about exhausted after it was all said and done with.

I am breaking the photos into multiple post because there are just soooo many. Here are some of my favorite from the second night.

^ that was one of the craziest things I have ever seen at a wedding, and I got egg spatter all of my shirt and lens cap for some of those shot .. um.. at least I hope it was egg lol… there was some interesting stuff getting thrown at him.

Wow .. amazing dancing! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it is… gave me goosebumps through out the entire night!

A fun way to end the night with the bride and groom getting their groove on!! :)

Stay tuned for some amazing stuff from Part 2 of the wedding!!