Emily’s Bridal Session at Sekrit Theatre

June 15, 2018

It was a magical Bridal Session with Emily

I have seriously been obsessing over this Bridal session I had at Sekrit Theatre with the gorgeous Emily! I’ve been trying to hold myself back from posting these back to back on Instagram! I am obsessed with Sekrit Theatre, as you already know if you’re a frequent reader here. This place just never gets old you guys. I mean every time I’ve shot here has been a different experience. We can all agree that there’s something magical about this venue.

Emily looked like the perfect princess in her gown from Bella Bride. This is a dress you try on and the second you look at your reflection you know it’s the one. It’s the dress that get’s you in your feelings. The dress you know your best friend is going to tear up to when he glances up at you from down the isle. The lace was perfect but the bottom half of the dress takes my breath away. I am obsessed with those folds. The whole gown looked flawless every time I looked through the lens.

I love love love the braid with subtle florals sitting in it as well. Her hairstyle was very versatile allowing us room for potential outfit changes. We didn’t go as far as changing into a new dress but Emily had this amazing blue jean jacket with the word ‘bride’ lettered on the back; Let me say I am so jealous that i didn’t think of something so stylish like that for my bridal shots! But her hair was so perfect for both styles she had going on!

It’s all about finding your comfort zone

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Bridal sessions are an amazing opportunity to take. It allows the photographer to really get to know the bride better before the big day. It let’s us know what kind of shots you are really looking for. The shots you have fun with! It’s also a great way to catch the bride when she’s fully relaxed. You don’t have a million things running through your head while trying to look natural. Another thing, bridal sessions are also a great opportunity for the bride to be silly and have fun with the session. Do what you want! Try something you’ve seen on Pinterest and pinned to your wedding inspiration board. We all have one! ;)

If I can’t encourage you to do a bridal session with my wonderful words of wisdom let these photos convince you! They can definitely speak for themselves.