Leslie and Matt’s Engagement Session at The Greenhouse in Driftwood

June 22, 2018

Greenhouse Dreams

I’m keeping up the greenhouse theme and sharing Leslie and Matt’s down to earth engagement session this week! I am lucky to say that this wasn’t my first time at this venue. A couple of months back I had the honor of shooting a styled shoot here at The Greenhouse in Driftwood, Texas. What blows my mind about this venue is the fact that they use rainwater collection as their primary water use. They also use rooftop panels to power most of their needs. This place is all about conservation! As a green thumb enthusiast, The Greenhouse at Driftwood holds a special place in my heart when it comes to my favorite venues to shoot at.

The More The Merrier

An advantage when selecting this venue, you not only have access to one greenhouse you have access to two! One is a three-story tropical greenhouse filled with rainforest plants such as cycads, palms, orchids, and bromeliads which was the perfect scene to go with Leslie’s ruby red boho dress. She matches the surrounding deep earth tone while also bringing that pop of color!

The other greenhouse offers a desert climate housing more cycads, cacti, aloes, succulents, and pachypodia. This greenhouse was so perfect for those more playful shots. Leslie and Matt’s dramatic tropical shots are some of my favorites, but as a photographer having more than one setting to play with is like striking gold! The bride can play with different outfits while the photographer can play with a variety of shots. It’s always a win-win situation!

Dance Like No One’s Watching

I adore when couples are their natural self in front of the camera. It makes for a smooth session and also for some amazing candid moments! Leslie and Matt danced like no one was watching and I absolutely loved it! I was really able to capture those sweetheart moments between these two.