Emily and Sam’s Hidden Falls Wedding

Meet Emily and Sam!

Seeing how it’s been quite sometime since we last posted here’s a bittersweet post for you! Meet Emily and Sam! Believe me when I say that this wedding will leave you feeling like you did your wedding all wrong! Emily and Sam had a unique style to them and we loved it. Between the tandem bike to Emily’s blue jean jacket this couple was sure to have their taste and style shine through every part of this ceremony.

Another look at Hayes Hollow

You might remember Hayes Hollow from a previous post of ours, if so you know all the glory you’re in for! If not, I highly recommend after this post to head over to Jackie and Joe’s ceremony. Hayes Hollow has always been a favorite of mine because of all the beauty it has to offer. The main hall is large enough to set up any way you vision. Having done almost a handful of weddings at this venue, it’s a different experience each time!

Now moving onto Emily and all her beauty… I love this girl’s style! Going through her bridals I already knew I was going to love everything about her. If you haven’t already another worthy post to look at is Emily’s Bridal Session! She wore this amazing blue jean jacket with ‘bride’ lettered on the back with some beautiful line work of some roses just beneath. I was jealous I had never thought of the idea first! It complimented her beautiful Bella Bride gown and not to mention it made for the cutest must have accessory.

Love and happiness

Needless to say when I arrived to Hayes Hollow I was in awe. I love everything about this wedding. The classic roses. The blush tones. The calligraphy. The tandem bike. Emily and Sam are more than perfect for each other. You can see it in their eyes, the appreciation they have for each other. Their ceremony was the kind to remind you why we marry. To be closer in love and happiness with the one person we truly love.