Sexy Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot

June 25, 2018


Boudoir Sessions are a must

I am so excited to finally be able to share this with you guys! I got together with some of the best vendors around and together put this sexy boudoir bridal shoot together to show all you brides out there that it’s one of the most glamorous things you can plan just before the big day! If you got it why not flaunt it!?

I definitely speak from experience when I say the thought of having to schedule yet another photo shoot for the wedding is not something I want on my plate when I already have a million of other things to think about BUT scheduling a Boudoir session with your photographer is a must! It might even be the perfect stress reliever you so badly need! These type of sessions are so exciting! There’s no room for error when it comes to an intimate session like this one. It is the perfect opportunity to feel free and sexy in your body before the big day. Plus! It’s the perfect excuse to update that lingerie drawer. ;)

Details, details, details

Details are an essential! If you’re thinking of doing a boudoir session do your research on some vendors! It’s crucial to assemble a trusting team whom really understands the style you are shooting for. They are the ones that create a setting for you to be comfortable in! Being half nude in front of strangers isn’t always the most comfortable situation.

For this session we aimed for an organic sexy look. With some help from Hart Floristry, Hannah Hair Stuff, The Look Studio, RAW by Olivia Mar and Frosted Confetti we were able to accomplish exactly what we were shooting for. Captured here in my private studio, everyone really did an outstanding job for this session! I really took pleasure with playing with the light and florals with this one. We created so many angles to play around with, the amount of photos I took were infinite! Honestly though we owe a huge thanks to Robyn Seanndrah for stepping in as our model last minuet. I know looking at these photos you would have thought this girl was a professional but she totally just stepped in as a friend to help us make this possible! We think changing her profession to modeling is a must!

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I did when capturing them!

If you’re interested in booking a boudoir session click the link below and take a look at the packages I offer! Even if you just have a question, I would be happy to answer!

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